Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the new reviews?  Are you still alive?
After eating at over 50 locations in 2009 I realized a couple things.
1) My hobby was expensive. 2009 was not a great year to be spending extra dough.
2) While I had some great meals, too often we went home a little disappointed.  The food might have been ok, but it often was no better than what we would have cooked at home, in a similar amount of time, for 20% of the price, and far healthier.  We decided to save dining out for special occasions- eat out less, at nicer places.  
I look forward to revisiting many of the top 10, (and some of the others) where I had some truly inspiring dishes.

As such, I am retiring my reviewing for now.  I doubt many tears will be shed. 

What is happening to the Fishy Foodie next?
Do not fear, I will still be around, in a new broader, and hopefully somewhat more regular role.  I plan to start writing more about my real food passions, including fermentation, fungi (did you know yeast is a fungus?), and molecular gastronomy.  

I may throw in occasional noteworthy restaurant experiences from around the country.
I hope you have enjoyed the reviews so far (I will keep them up for a while- as long as they are still relevant), and that the new content is interesting!

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