Thursday, May 28, 2009

Enn (24 of 50)

Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi
Price: Pretty expensive
Score: 24
Will I eat there again? NO

I recently heard that a new sushi restaurant had opened in Lincoln, RI. Given the social demographics of Lincoln, and its relative closeness to Providence, I have always been rather surprised that there are not more places to eat. A couple spots exist around the Lincoln Mall, but in general the fecundity of places to dine in Providence stands in stark contrast to Lincoln's culinary options.

I was therefore delighted to learn about the opening of Enn Japanese and Sushi Bar, and had heard third-hand that it was pretty good. Unfortunately, it was not.

The interior design was the first warning sign. Enn is located in what looks like a generic multi-use office building, with a bewildering number of doors on the outside (although only one of them is actually open). The interior was perfectly clean, but completely non-interesting. Everything was rectangular, from the walls, to the art, to the ceiling tiles- it looked like if you walked down the hallway to the restroom you might come out into your dentists lobby. The interior was so wide open that you almost felt exposed, and could have benefited tremendously from some well placed dividers or walls.

Things went from bad to worse with the food. We started off with a sweet potato tempura maki roll- probably the best part of the meal. Nothing great, and it tasted pretty much like your average $3.50 vegetarian sushi roll- except it cost $4.50.

For our entrees we choose the stir fried udon with veggies($9) and the teriyaki pork ($15). The teriyaki pork was purported to be "smothered in Our Special Sauce"- which seemed to be a rendition of high fructose corn syrup, soy sauce, and who knows what else. The pork would have been ok on its own, but the sauce dragged it down. The udon noodles may have set the bar for the least enjoyable dish we have tasted since we started The Fishy Foodie. Remember those asian stir fry frozen kits you used to buy at the supermarket for $3? A bunch of veggies, a couple noodles, and a packet of frozen generic sauce that you heated in a skillet and almost invariably ended up rather soggy and steamed- not stir fried? That is what we got, except it cost three times as much. Not good.

The highlight of the evening was the restroom- very clean, nice hands-free plumbing, the works. Regrettably, I found myself here almost immediately post-dinner. Feel free to make any connections that you want.

Enn received the lowest score that we have given out thus far. High prices, dull food, and bland decor do not a great meal make.

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Anonymous said...

I did have a wonderful meal there. I guess it depends on how much you have eaten those old asain dishes from the past. My apps. were good, my meal was as good as asain gets. Remember, we are not in Japan.

Alex Payson said...

Glad to hear you had a better experience!
Some nights kitchens just don't have their A game on- hopefully my night was the anomaly.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I'm very versed in sushi but we went there a few times and we were always well received by the staff and the food was great in my opinion.

I hope you give it a second chance, sit by the counter and bring friends next time, maybe you'll have a better evening.

Unknown said...

wow surprised to hear of your experience. I've been there several times because I live close and I got to say the sushi is fresh but lacking in variety like Sakura or Tokyo. When you rate sushi freshness it is top priority. I really like the two different versions of salad with tuna. Lady Pink and White something or other. Fresh medium rare tuna on a large salad for only $12. It usually comes close to filling me up. Plus the seafood spring roll that is rolled in cold rice paper with sashimi quality fish inside comes with two artfully displayed sauces on the side.
Service is always friendly, decor could use something but all in all the food and service has kept me coming back. Check out their weekly deals too because they are offering some nice bargains.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the review. Nothing at all special - boring decor, feels like a barn. Bland food - sushi was fresh but uninspired. Spicy tuna roll was a yawn. Prices are too high for the quality. Better options in Johnston and Woonsocket and many in providence.

Anonymous said...

had a great sushi meal here - probably the best I've had in RI, would recommend to anyone in the area

Food Dude said...

I've had a number of fantastic meals here. It's curious, though, that more than 50% of your review was focused on the location of the restaurant. Weird for a food review. In my opinion, it lessens your credibility significantly.

quori said...

Stumbled across this review. My wife and I frequent Enn routinely for lunch as well as dinner. Our 3 kids love it too! Prices are great, food is always good.

The decor is rather bland, but honestly...good food & service rate far higher than atmosphere in my book.