Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tina's Jamaican Restaurant (34 of 50)

Cuisine: Jamaican
Price: Average
Score: 34
Would I eat there again? Most definitely

It is very rare to walk into a restaurant where the namesake of that restaurant not only greets you, but seats, waits, serves, cooks, and clears your table. And yet this was exactly what happened recently when we ate at Tina's Jamaican Restaurant on Atwells Avenue. Tina's is one of the most authentic and enjoyable Caribbean eateries at which I have had the pleasure of dining.

It doesn't try to be fancy. The lighting, tables, and decor are simple; and the staff is often just one or two people for the whole restaurant. This is a place to hang out with friends, chat with Tina, and get great home-cooked Jamaican food. Every Wednesday the entire dinner menu is just $9, and with dishes ranging from curry goat, jerk chicken, ox tail, and Mama Tina's special (red snapper in coconut milk)... this is pretty hard to pass up.

We started off with a glass of pineapple ginger beer (amazing) that was made in house. The jerk chicken was well-seasoned, while still managing to not be overly spicy or salty. Curried goat was incredibly tender (if you have eaten goat you know this is no simple task) and far less gamey than goat often is. Both dishes were served with fried plantains, rice, and stewed vegetables (cabbage, butter, onions, and peppers). Portions are generous, service is friendly, and the food is good. Add in some good company and you have a wonderful evening at a very reasonable price.


For tasty, homemade, and authentic Jamaican cuisine, look no further than Tina's Jamaican Restaurant. The food is great, Tina is even better, and they serve Roti on Thursday - Saturday evenings. Not the fanciest or technically complicated food by any means, but a wonderful place to eat. Enjoy!
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