Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Moons (35 of 50)

Restaurant: Seven Moons
Cuisine: East Asian Fusion
Price: Average
Score: 35
Would I eat there again? Yes, occasionally

Seven Moons is the second highest rated restaurant on Urbanspoon Providence.  For a young eatery (less than 2 years), this is quite impressive, and given the deserved reputation of most of the other top ranked restaurants, I felt a need to check out Seven Moons.  
My opinion? Seven Moons is your standard east asian restaurant, backed by some very savvy business folk/restauranteurs.  Many eateries are started because someone loves cooking, or just really wants to own their own shop, or thinks it would be fun.  Some of these succeed and become huge hits (normally those from the first group), but most of them fail.  It seems Seven Moons was started by people that wanted to make money, and make lots of it.  

Seven Moons caters almost ridiculously well to what Rhode Islanders love in a restaurant. It has a huge parking lot, many different seating areas to chose from (all brightly lit), at least 2 bars and 3 TV's, and a gigantic menu.  Variety is the name of the game- with a chapter book menu spanning almost every standard asian dish I can think of.  Sushi, bento boxes, pad thai, noodles, soups, house specials, combo plates, family size options- they have it all.  

Service is polite yet brusque, as if they are always about 2 minutes behind a deadline (given their popularity perhaps they are).  They offer a seating area with traditional low tables that you would normally sit at on cushions cross-legged, yet oddly they cut out the platform under the table, so you actually end up sitting just like you normally would.

The food is pretty good.  We got the Seven Moons antipasto (think a pu pu platter on steroids, minus the fun fire) that included nime chow, shrimp, satay, noodles, chicken wings, crab rangoon and a couple other things for $20.  It was fairly intensive on the fried, but not too greasy, quite flavorful and complemented by five sauces (there's that variety again!).  Tom Yam soup was a bit dull but perfectly acceptable and a generous serving at 24 ounces (also available in 48 and 64 ounce sizes!). 

Seven Moons seems to be wildly successful, and I don't see that changing any time soon.  It wants to serve tons of people pretty decent, standard asian food and it meets that goal perfectly.  It will never be the artisan, unique restaurant that I love and search for, but it does what it wants to do very, very well.

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Dr. Eric Flescher ( said...

I still understand why it has such a following. Is the food good, spicy or what? just curious. I went to URI. However since I won't be going to this restaurant. I am just curious with all the Asian restaurants why this one rates high? Nothing else around?

Alex Payson said...

Hello Eric,
Thanks for your comments! The food was perfectly acceptable- not to greasy and tasted just fine. None of the dished were overly inspired or unique, but very eatable.
I think it's popularity is a combination of good location, huge parking lot, large yet standard menu, and the bar/tv combo.
Basically, you can plan on a very dependable if not amazing dinner. That regularity is very attractive to many diners I believe.