Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rosinha's (34 of 50)

Restaurant: Rosinha's
Cuisine: Portuguese/Cape Verdean
Price: Average/slightly expensive
Would I eat there again? Yes

NOTE: Rosinha's has only been open a couple weeks at this point, so any reviews should be taken with a grain of salt- service and food is probably still in a state of high flux.

The Hope Artiste Village is only in its third year since it started transforming what used to be known as the Hope Webbing mill, and has already grown into the home of quite an impressive array of businesses. Seven Stars Bakery, New Harvest Coffee, The Blackstone, and countless retail and office spaces have made their home in the huge red brick building on Main Street in Pawtucket. The most recent addition is Rosinha's restaurant, featuring a huge dining room that can accommodate both regular restaurant dining and large functions (supposedly up to 200 people). The cuisine claims Portuguese and Cape Verdean roots, a combination that I cannot claim great knowledge of- but one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Located right next to The Blackstone, Rosinha's is a single, huge room with high ceilings. Well positioned drapes and colors give the space a cozy feeling, despite the open enormity of the room. The entire dinner was very enjoyable if somewhat rough. Truly fantastic portuguese olives were served as appetizers next to very dull bread with pre-packed pads of butter. We had a perfectly enjoyable bottle of vino verde (for only $14!!) but it was served at room temp much to the detriment of the first glass (an ice bath was provided which helped out the second half of the bottle). The menu was broken into appetizers, meat, and seafood. Vegetarians might have a bit of a hard time here, but that was not a concern for us. We had a seafood stew that included shrimp, scallops, littleneck clams, mussels, and an entire half lobster for ~$16, and the steak Rosinha (steak covered in a rich sauce with a fried egg on top) (~$17). Both were excellent if a bit on the salty side. There is definitely a chef who knows what he/she is doing in the kitchen.

Service was wonderful and attentive. Water glasses were kept full, extra olives were brought out (did I mention how great they are!), and people were friendly.

Rosinha's is doing a great job for being in their first month of service, and brings some unique flavors and tastes to the Providence food scene. While things could change drastically in the coming months, I would give a hearty recommendation for people to check them out.

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Anonymous said...

I went last Saturday with two friends for brunch. Two of us had the buffet and one the prepared tuna salad plate and several cocktails. The staff was great the food great and the atmosphere very cozy for a lg basically open space. I especially like the potatoes with pork in a spicy sauce. I am planning on a return to try out their dinner menu.

Unknown said...

I've been there twice and I wasn't impressed. Twice they were out of ingredients for key dishes. Our server was not able to get our order right both times and it's always empty. This makes me believe it won't last. The food lacked fresh ingredients, I felt the quality was more for a take out place then a restaurant. It's to bad because the space is really nice.

Unknown said...

Never plan a function there...Had my wedding was there recently and there were so many mistakes I should sue, Please trust me they do not know how to handle a good size crowd. (we had 110). Plus they blantaly lie and change agreed upon and paid for services. They were rude, un prepared and most of all..they didnt give a
shit about us or our day. they are a joke.