Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tokyo (31 of 50)

Restaurant: Tokyo
Cuisine: Sushi/Japanese
Price: Affordable
Score: 31
Will I eat there again: Maybe

Tokyo Restaurant is one of the mainstays of Wickenden Street.  Sitting on some prime real estate (the corner of Hope and Wickenden), Tokyo dishes out dependable sushi at a reasonable price.  The most notable part of my dinner at Tokyo was how un-notable it was.  The food came out in a reasonable time, the service was decent, the food was ok, nothing stellar and nothing terrible.  Tokyo does have one room with floor tables, where you get to sit on a cushion and eat cross-legged (which I always enjoy- except for the near disasters from trying to get my legs out from the table without upending it...).
 There really isn't much more to say about it- other than that I have found the gold standard for my definition of average food in Providence.

A perfectly safe place to eat, Tokyo is not likely to shock, dazzle, or scare you.  They seem to have a formula down that works for them, and I imagine they are in no hurry to change it anytime soon.  
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