Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La Laiterie (44 of 50)

Restaurant: La Laiterie
Cuisine: French seasonal
Price: average to pricy
Score: 44
Will I eat there again: Definitely

La Laiterie is a very well run and executed restaurant with delicious food (and cheese), and a wonderful selection of inebriating offerings. We started off with seasoned fried cracklings and a great belgian high-powered ale on draft (La Laiterie maintains 4-5 beers on tap- and they are all good- as in they are not normally found in 36 pack aluminum cans, unlike the draft beers at many restaurants). Cheese is prevalent on the menu- due to the fact that La Laiterie is an offshoot of Farmstead- THE cheese shop of Providence (you actually enter thru Farmstead- and then turn into a second room where the restaurant is).

The decor is simple and attractive, the service is attentive, and the bartender was very helpful. In addition to the cheeses, Farmstead offers some house-made cured pig options, which are quite tasty. A cured ham, cheese, and arugula grilled cheese and a locally raised beef burger served as our entrees- excellent although fairly rich. My only complaint is that while everything tasted excellent, the judicious use of fats from dairy, oil, and animal was quite noticeable throughout the whole meal. Perhaps that was just our fault due to what we ordered- but toning down the richness a notch could of elevated the meal even further I believe.

Fortunately a freshly crushed cranberry and Saint Germain martini (a popular house creation) cleansed our palettes as dinner was winding down.

Very good food and drinks in an attractive setting make for a memorable meal. There is often a wait- but it is well worth it.

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Tokyo (31 of 50)

Restaurant: Tokyo
Cuisine: Sushi/Japanese
Price: Affordable
Score: 31
Will I eat there again: Maybe

Tokyo Restaurant is one of the mainstays of Wickenden Street.  Sitting on some prime real estate (the corner of Hope and Wickenden), Tokyo dishes out dependable sushi at a reasonable price.  The most notable part of my dinner at Tokyo was how un-notable it was.  The food came out in a reasonable time, the service was decent, the food was ok, nothing stellar and nothing terrible.  Tokyo does have one room with floor tables, where you get to sit on a cushion and eat cross-legged (which I always enjoy- except for the near disasters from trying to get my legs out from the table without upending it...).
 There really isn't much more to say about it- other than that I have found the gold standard for my definition of average food in Providence.

A perfectly safe place to eat, Tokyo is not likely to shock, dazzle, or scare you.  They seem to have a formula down that works for them, and I imagine they are in no hurry to change it anytime soon.  
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