Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noodles 102 (37 of 50)

Restaurant: Noodles 102
Cuisine: Asian Noodle
Price: cheap
Score: 37

Noodles 102 is an american take on a classic chinese noodle house. It is a small, nicely decorated place (seats about 20-25) that smells heavenly due to the kitchen being so close to the tables. Located on the increasingly popular strip on Ives Street, Noodles 102 opened in the summer of 2007. The owners are very present- when we visited both the husband (in the kitchen) and wife(out front) were there and hard at work. This direct attention to the service and food is much appreciated- it feels like you are at a friends house having a good meal (right down to the BYOB policy).

Drink options are fairly limited due to the BYOB- but it can be a fun change of pace- plus you get to drink exactly what you want. The menu is focused around two dishes- noodles in broth, and claypot baked with rice- all you have to decide is which meat and sauce you want. We tried the claypot with beef and thai coconut curry, and udon noodles with shrimp. Both were very tasty and fully seasoned. My coconut curry was actually pretty incredibly hot. I am not sure if the spice was intentional, but I would recommend that some warning be put on the dish for while I was comfortable with it, many people would be completely overwhelmed.

Noodles 102 is a very comfortable, welcoming restaurant with some great basic dishes at an excellent price. Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy!

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