Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kartabar (26 of 50)

Restaurant: Kartabar
Cuisine: American/Mediterranean
Price: Somewhat cheap
Score: 26

Kartabar, Andreas, and Paragon all fall into the same category to me- where the food is a means to an end- and that end being alcohol.  Not that the food can't be good at Kartabar, but rather it feels like a side note (i.e. if we give the customer a burger then they can keep on drinking longer!)  To be fair, when you are located on Thayer Street near Brown, RISD, and not far from Johnson and Wales and more, this is a pretty good idea.  Most customers here are not looking for fine dining- but rather to drink with their friends.  

Kartabar does this pretty well- they have an extensive drink menu and 2 well-stocked bars.  In the past I have been pretty happy with their pizzas and burgers and a beer- this time it was not so good.  The Sam Adams Oktoberfest tasted like the keg head was dirty- maybe the beer was just off, but it is unusual to have a Sam Adams that is actually bad.  We were not pleased.  

The food all tasted like it was pre-prepared frozen food from Sam's.  Perhaps it is- the prices seem a bit cheap for food actually made from scratch.  Calamari and fries felt like the frier temperature wasn't quite hot enough, and the littleneck clam pasta was seriously oily.  

Kartbar will always be popular, as it is primarily a place to drink.  Food can be hit or miss and we had the misfortune of a strikeout on our visit.

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Anonymous said...

I must tell you that I used to sell food to Kartabar as a rep for a major food service distributor. They prepare all of their own food, from scratch, from fresh seafood, meats cut in-house to sauces, etc. I don't think your review is fair. While Andreas, Spats and Paragon are owned by the same folks, Kartabar is not, and should not be lumped together with them. I've had excellent salads and full meals there. Perhaps you should thry them again, without trying to make a point.