Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trinity Brewhouse (32 of 50)

Restaurant: Trinity Brewhouse
Cuisine: American/Bar
Price: Average
Score: 32

Trinity Brewhouse is first and foremost.... a brewhouse.  Trinity brews their own beer on location in a room visible from the dining areas which adds a unique touch to the establishment.  With beers such as an imperial stout, IPA, amber, seasonal brews and more, there is plenty of in-house beer to drink.  You can also buy growlers of their beer to take home (1/2 gallon) for about $11-12 dollars, and will get a $2 refund if you return your bottle.  They have a decent bar and quite 
a lot of tables, which is a good thing- since Trinity has a key location in downtown Providence, and is generally pretty busy.  

Why am I lingering on the beer so long?  Because that is really the main reason to pay a visit to Trinity.  The food- while offering a fairly good selection of bar food, and having some nice touches (sweet potato fries, burgers in a size besides gigantic) is pretty standard bar food.  There really isn't much else to say about the food we had- the service was pretty quick and friendly, presentation was decent, portions generous enough.  Get something to eat because all that beer is going to your head, or you really want some wings after a couple rounds, but don't go there just for the food.

Great place to have a drink with a friend.  Beer good- food ok.  Very average overall.
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