Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apsara Palace (36 of 50)

Restaurant: Apsara Palace
Cuisine: Mixed asian
Price: Very reasonable/cheap
Mmmm.... Apsara.  Apsara Palace is the offshoot of the original Apsara asian restaurant located on Elmwood Avenue in South Providence.  Now in its fourth year of business at 783 on Hope Street, Apsara is quite the hit.  We arrived at 6:40 on a Tuesday night and managed to grab the only seats left in the house (sitting next to a gentleman already eating at a 4-top).  Despite the full house and more people streaming in service was very quick, efficient, and friendly.  Apsara is a family-run business, and it really did have a feeling like home.  The atmosphere and presentation are pretty standard- a brightly lit, single dining room packed with tables.  

The food was pretty darn good as well.  The crab ragoon was average- but the crispy udon noodles and chicken pad thai were very satisfying.   Free tea and attentive service to our water glasses are also nice touches.  The food service was well timed, and our waiter was very responsive to any requests. 

Apsara is not a fine dining establishment, and it doesn't try to be.  It does what it does very well, and that is tasty, quick asian food, with good service, and a fun atmosphere.  
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Dr. Eric Flescher ( said...

You need to try more of the excellent dishes here like the Peking Duck, the yummy Green Salmon Curry Soup and more. This place is far better then the ranking. Taste should rate higher then what you post. The menu is also huge and everything we tried is awesome. My relatives have been coming here since it opened. Since I am in Kansas, (I originally grew up in Providence) I can't get here often .But when I do (my mother lives only a few blocks way ) I will coming over here for lunch and dinner.